Specialty Brass - Once Fired, New And Processed Ammunition Brass For Reloaders

Specialty brass is your one stop shop for quality brass to fill your reloading needs. If we dont have it in stock we will find it by contacting our network of brass 'pickers' from around the country.

From 9mm to 300 RUM we have (or can get) just about anything you want. Our specialty is hard to find calibers that you may not find elsewhere.

Due to our sourcing of brass our prices flucuate somewhat, but we always attempt to give you the best possible prices.

We accept Paypal, credit cards, checks, Zelle and money orders for brass and normally ship within 1 business day of receiving payment.

Contact us via email: brass [at] specbrass.com, By phone Monday through Friday 10am - 5pm EST at 570-580-0484

If we don't have what you need we will put out an alert to our 'pickers' and can normally find your brass within a week.

We buy once fired rifle brass and new brass, call us to get a quote on what you have.

Premiums paid for certain calibers

New Brass Coming In Every Week. We get regular shipments of new calibers of brass every week. If there is something you are looking for call us and ask to have your name added to our 'want list'. Customers on our want list get first priority when a caliber comes in they are looking for.

New Lower Pricing Structure!

Once Fired Handgun Brass Currently In Stock

Current Handgun Brass List (HTML) or download (PDF) - June 30, 2024

Note: Most handgun brass is deprimed, resized and polished

Once Fired Rifle Brass Currently In Stock

(HTML) or download (PDF) - June 30, 2024

Note: All rifle brass is deprimed and polished

New Brass Currently In Stock

(HTML) or download PDF) - June 30, 2024

Our 'Odd Balls' Bin

Our 'oddbal;ls' bin is used by us for sorting but contains a lot of really hard to find brass and some actual odd balls. Always a favorite of customers when we do gun shows becase you never know what you are going to find.

(HTML) or download (PDF) - June 30, 2024

New interactive website coming soon!

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